Have you ever felt nothing? I mean nothing at all?

Complete nothing. Not a thought, not an emotion.


A nothing so complete, so empty, that it seems devoid even of nothingness itself. Not cold, not dark, not numb just…nothing?

I can’t tell you what it’s like to feel nothing just as I can’t describe to you the taste of coffee. You have to experience it yourself.

When someone laughs, or makes a joke, you feel nothing.
When someone smiles at you, you feel nothing.
When a scared and frustrated spouse screams at you, you feel nothing.
When an audience applauds, or shouts you off the stage, you feel nothing.
When you hear a child cry, you feel nothing.


A nothing so devastatingly complete that you have no option but to yield to it.



4 thoughts on “Nothing…

  1. You write so well. I have felt exactly the same. The thought momentarily crosses my mind that I *should* feel something, but in response to this, naturally, I feel nothing.

    Love your blog.

    – BPD Bunny

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