An Open Letter to Johnnie Mountain…

I’m sorry, Johnnie…

I just watched “Ruby Wax’s Mad Confessions” – which I found very inspiring – and now I have an apology to make.

Johnnie Mountain

Johnnie Mountain


I remember watching “that” episode of Great British Menu and thinking that Johnnie Mountain was an arrogant tit who couldn’t take criticism. Walking out of a show because someone dared to suggest that your ideas weren’t up to scratch.

Johnnie, I am so, so fucking sorry. You will never believe how sorry I am.

I didn’t know what you were going through at the time – which excuses nothing – and I did one of the things that I despise most in other people: I judged you. I didn’t know the facts, your background or your character, and knew nothing of your struggles. Neither to I know what it must be like to work in such an esteemed establishment, maintaining that kind of quality under that kind of pressure every second of every day. I made a snap judgment which I wholeheartedly regret.

I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself. I opened up to some of my colleagues once and ended up unemployed. Much, much kudos to you for “coming out” to your team. That must have taken some real guts. I sincerely hope that they give you the support that I’m sure you give them and that you all find the success that you so clearly deserve.

Again, please accept my deepest, heartfelt apologies, Johnnie. I hope that you manage to find a better place.




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